Renovations and Additions

If you’re seeking out the services of a hard-working and highly experienced licensed master electrician, look no further than 2B Wired. We’re a firm that wants the best for our clients, and we aim to provide detail-oriented, punctual, and professional service while still offering reasonable prices.

Kitchen Renovations – 20 amp, GFI Counter Receptacles to Meet Current Code

  • Microwave circuits (they should have a dedicated panel power source)
  • Fridges, dishwashers , Electric Range/ovens (240v, 40a)
  • Gas range/ovens (requires 120v receptacle for ignition source)
  • Dual Fuel range/ovens (often 20A 240v)
  • Undercabinet lights, lighting (LED is a popular choice with low profile and sleek yet bright and efficient designs)
  • Pot lights to illuminate the working areas and provide general room lighting
  • Motion sensing dimmer switches
  • Pendant lights (lighting), a nice accent and functional type of lighting

Bathroom Renovations – Dedicated 15 amp Circuit to Provide Power to Bathroom

  • Pot lights to brighten bathroom and make space feel larger
  • Exhaust fan’s with newer more modern clean styling with quieter and more energy efficient performance all while extracting more humidity and unwanted smells.
  • GFI – Ground Fault Interrupter. This is the bathroom receptacle that could save you our your childs life. It is a code requirement in ALL bathrooms, and is designed to disengage power instantaneously upon detection of a current leak to ground (hair dryer falls into bathtub, electric shaver falls into water filled sink)
  • Shower pot lights, and code compliant trims
  • Dimmers (some people like to be gently awoken, and have the option of soft lighting at night)
  • Motion sensors built into certain switches and dimmers to automatically turn on and off lighting when you enter and when you exit
  • In floor heating circuits and controls to keep your feet warm and happy

​General Renovations and Additions

  • Removal of circuits, switches, receptacles and lights in walls that are being eliminated
  • New circuits -Add receptacles (tamper-resistant for child safety)
  • Switches (newer decora padle style)
  • Dimmers (Digital fade dimmers with LED indicators, or regular slide style dimmers)
  • Occupancy sensors -infloor heating
  • Pot lights, we recommend 4″ line voltage, as you won’t have to replace a dead transformer in a few years, and the size is what is in current trends. We furnish these pot lights with either conventional halogen type bulbs, or high grade, warm white dimmable LED’s that will last you over 20 years without having to replace.
  • Chandeliers, wiring, install and support strengthening
  • Ceiling fans, wiring, install and support strengthening
  • Wall sconces

Whatever renovations or additions you would like to do, give 2B Wired a call and talk to our friendly staff at (416) 735-6661.