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Whether you are building a hotel, an office complex, or an arena, one thing’s for sure: The right lighting can really make a difference. So if you are looking for quality commercial lighting in Toronto, Mississauga, or GTA, 2B Wired Electricians is the team to trust.

From one commercial business to another, we understand how important it is for a business to look and function at its prime. First impressions are as important to potential clients, as photocopiers are to someone preparing a report! Whether you have 120/240v, 347v or 208v, we have the right commerical electrical solutions to meet your businesses needs. Commercial Lighting for accents or to promote/display products are essential to capturing the attention of onlookers. Exit signs and smoke detectors are requirements in all businesses. Security cameras and networking are essential to the security and ability to communicate! Many new photocopiers heat up faster and often require a 20A receptacle, which requires a new line to the panel. Lofts and studios often requires conduit or armoured cable which we install with a professional finish by our licensed commercial electrician. Expanding, growing business in Toronto? We can help! From initial set up, design and install, to additional circuits and lighting to support new staff/equipment. Let one of our Master Commercial Electricians show you how to take the pains out of growing!

Reliable Electrical Work, Excellent Service

At 2B Wired, we go the extra mile to provide commercial lighting setups that are as reliable as they are affordable. When you work with one of our commercial electricians, we’ll take the time to evaluate your property to determine the best approach to your lighting. From there, we’ll perform commercial electrical work in a thorough, efficient fashion. And as our customer, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Convenient appointment scheduling
  • High-quality materials
  • Courteous service

If you need commercial electrician for lighting or any other electrical work, 2B Wired is at your service. Call (416) 735-6661  today for further information or to schedule an estimate.

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